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How to plan the perfect wedding


Wedding catering it helps you guys also budget and be able to throw some amazing parties so to start the first three things that I feel like every party should have and that most people will talk about or I guess people mostly complain about these things but the top three things that you should definitely think about and spend the most that you can get music and decorations I feel like those are like the top three things food is like the top of the list because without good food you have no party and I know that it’s crazy because I hardly ever post like my food that I have at the parties but I go with somebody who has been wedding catering New Haven for us for a really long time He is amazing his name is Eduardo I will

ask the people that usually work with me if it’s okay for me to link like their facebooks down below I believe that’s all they have Facebook just so you guys can get in touch with them because our local I will ask them first because I know there’s some people who don’t really like to be thrown out there like that but he is somebody here local he catered my bridal shower my baby shower my wedding catering he catered my gender reveal he is catered a lot of our parties and not only is his food absolutely amazing it is very traditional I feel like it’s really hard to find real good authentic Mexican food and his stuff is really authentic and it also is very affordable and when I was first looking for catering from my wedding catering everything was like five $6,000 for just food and I was like oh my god this is like my whole budget you know what I mean so I was like really really really worried so when I found him I was

like you are amazing and his food is absolutely delicious I have never had anybody complain about the food that I have served at my parties and that’s just because I feel like food is everything for my birthday when I turn 25 I threw myself a birthday party it was 25 or 26 I’m not sure myself birthday party and I actually have pizza and everybody was like oh my god you have freaking pizza like food is everything the whole party everybody when they go to a party like that’s what they’re looking forward to the food so the food’s nasty it’s like you’re canceled you know so it’s like those three things are definitely something that you guys need to keep in consideration that you guys want to spend the most money on and it’s food decorations and the music obviously the music is

everything in a party so that’s why I’m putting out those three topics We were in New York and from February up until July so we didn’t get married that following July we got married the year after so it gave us about February March April Major in July 5 months about a year and 5 months to plant everything We had given ourselves like a 2-year mark but it ended up being a year and a half and like you guys know I used to work at Wells Fargo I went to the bank so I’ve always been pretty smart with my money when I was just 18 years old fresh out of high school I had a job at GameStop you know that paid me about $300 every two weeks and I managed to be able to save but $25,000 at the age of 18 so I’ve always been very smart about my money I’ve never been one to

just kind of splurge but my device I love amazing things but like I said I’ve never want to just kind of have a zero balance on my bank account and that’s just kind of how I’ve always been up until the point where I got engaged that I was living patient to PJ and this is because I was at a really really really really hard time in my life I was really struggling I had just moved to the Bay area it was really expensive out there I was paying about $2,000 in rent I was paying $10 a day until I was you know paying groceries and bills and life just kind of like slap me in the face and then I got engaged and I was like how am I going to pay for this wedding catering you know so I was working at the bank at the time and I totally says we are engaged now so we should open up a joint account so what I did

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