So you may be wondering, “How bad is concrete for the environment?”

Well, that depends. Some environmental effects of concrete are harmful. Others, actually beneficial.

So what’s a concrete Billings contractor to do?

First let’s talk about the bad. Then we’ll get into what you can do about it.

Fact. The cement industry is a top producer of the bad boy carbon dioxide. What’s that?

Well that my friend is a potent greenhouse gas. That’s bad juju.

Fact. Concrete reeks havoc on topsoil. This is the fertile layer of the Earth. Where green stuff grows. Not good.

So what can you do to help alleviate some of these problems with concrete hurting our environment?


For starters, follow environmentally friendly business practices for concrete like concrete recycling.

You’re going to run into lots of demolition jobs. That demolition contains broken down concrete. Instead of shipping it to a landfill, recycle it.

All you have to do is get all the crap like trash, wood, paper and things out of the mix and then put it through a crushing machine.

Don’t have one? Someone does. Find a recycle company near bye.

Guess what? All that rebar can be recycled too. So get going! You’ll feel better knowing your demolition is not damaging our Earth.

You can even use that in your advertising! Win win.

So we’ve talked about a few ways that concrete is messing with our planet. Then we talked about steps you can take as a concrete contractor to help reduce pollution by recycling concrete and rebar from your demolition projects.