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5 Reasons To Consider A Green Roof For Your Home


The roof is a critical part of a building that protects the house from harsh weather conditions and affects the appearance of a building. With innovations in the roofing industry, roofing companies Bend Oregon are now adapting to green roofs’ growing demand. In case you are planning to build your house and yet to decide on the best type of roof, you are in the right place. Read on to discover more about a green roof and why you should consider it your next project.

First, a green roof is gaining popularity because it absorbs rainwater. When it rains, it takes time for the water to discharge to the sewer system, so you won’t worry about flooding.

Second, a green roof has a drainage layer that holds the water for some time, purifying it before it discharges. The plants help in the evaporation, creating stability for the groundwater and reducing the sewer system’s chances of loading.

Third, how do green roofs reduce air pollution? Since a green roof has plants, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, contributing significantly to cleaner air. The plants also help in reducing heat by absorbing and reflecting sunlight, creating a cooler climate.

Fourth, installing a green roof is economical in the long run. Since it protects your roofing material, it will not be directly affected by the rain or sun, increasing its lifespan. Birds and other creatures also find a habitat in grasses, herbs, or even the host plants. In cities, most buildings are made of asphalt and concrete, making it hard for other creatures to live comfortably, but green roofs increase biodiversity.

Lastly, a green roof increases fire resistance. The moisture in plants acts as a protection layer against fire. Note that installing process will determine whether you will enjoy these benefits; hence the need to be cautious when looking for a green roofing companies Bend Oregon.

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